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2016 Recruiting Camp Guide

Learn about the lacrosse camps and showcases you should attend to get recruited

All Events Are Not Created Equal

The number of recruiting events has grown at an exponential rate in the past decade, and our recruiting camp guide attempts to break down some of the choices facing student-athletes. This is the seventh year that we have written our recruiting camp guide.

An important point: All events are not created equal. It is imperative to go to the camps/showcases attended by the schools you would like to play for at the next level. Attend an event with purpose and a plan!

Remember, you do not go to recruiting events to be discovered. You go to be seen by schools that already know about you, but want to see more. Any additional exposure should be added value.

As part of select packages, we actually help you build a schedule of events based on the player's target list of schools. You can see a list of committed LacrosseRecruits here. You can see our packages here.

Our lacrosse Camp Guide

This guide is a valuable resource for parents and players who are trying to decide which camps are worth attending. From all of the camps that we have attended as players, coaches and spectators, we put together a list of the top recruiting camps for 2015. Each lacrosse recruiting camp review has three sections. The first section, “Summary,” contains information taken from the event website. This provides a general overview of the camp. The second section, “Overheard,” features the perspective of players, coaches or parents regarding the event. This section provides a first-hand view of the lacrosse recruiting camp. In the final section, “Our Take,” the LacrosseRecruits experts provide their perspective.

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