Limited Space Available for the D3 Showcase!

D3ShowcaseWe are gearing up for another great D3 Lacrosse Showcase this Sunday, June 7th! The Event is being held for the second consecutive year at the Hackley School in Tarrytown, New York.

There are currently a limited amount of spaces still available. We have 4A, 1M, 7D and 2 FOGO spots open.

With the DIII season wrapped up, RSVPs are coming in from college coaches. You can see a full list below.

You can learn more about the event, coaches in attendance and execute registration below. You can see a recap of last summer’s event here.


Club Families Suggest Price is No Object

priceRecently, SportsRecruits conducted a survey of its users who are on club teams to gauge their opinions on a variety of subjects. The goal of the survey was to gain a better understanding of the decision processes families use when selecting clubs, and what their expectations of organizations.

One of the most interesting data points that came from the survey: Only 1.75% of respondents selected “price” as a major factor of joining a club, while over 59% cited coaching and recruiting expertise as their main factor.

In the club sports space, one of the major concerns of directors and owners is keeping their prices at a level that will not scare families away. Taking this point further, the main goal is to ensure the perception that costs are or will not rise. However, it seems this may be an overblown concern.


The Value of Time in Club Sports

clockWhen thinking of the daily activities of a club sports organization, the first things that come to mind are likely not in-line with reality. While one would logically assume days are filled with coaching and sport-specific drills, it is often the case that the opposite is true.

Club organizations are being relied upon today for much more than coaching. Recruiting guidance has become a main reason why families have selected club teams. In a survey conducted by SportsRecruits, over 65.93% of respondents noted that they chose their club team primarily for the coaching and level of recruiting expertise.

As organizations have grown, they have spent an increasing amount of time on administrative tasks – things like excel sheets, email chains and other means that have worked well to this point. Some even have a full-time staffer to handle all things recruiting.

However, consider this: A 2014 survey by Microsoft for National Small Business Week, looked at what role technology plays for small businesses – like club sports. 60 percent of small businesses attribute increased revenue to technology and another 60 percent feel technology allows them to compete with similar size and/or larger companies (1).


Club Sports & Technology

keyboardWhen thinking about a club sports organization, the first thing that comes to mind is probably not “small business.” However, that is precisely how directors of these outfits should be thinking about their operation if they are interested in growing and rising above the status quo.

It is no secret that club sports are now a big business. A recent CNBC report, citing a study by the Sports Facilities Advisory, indicated that youth sports – in travel alone – comprised a $7 billion industry (1). Participation is way up. Forbes notes that somewhere over 35 million children are playing youth sports (2). The list goes on.

As this has occurred, however, some club organizations have been reluctant to change any of their habits. When thinking of these through the lens of small businesses, however, this is not surprising.


3 Traps to Avoid in the Recruiting Process

TrapToo often in the recruiting process, student-athletes can fall into traps that can not only hinder them, but have the potential to derail the process completely.

While it’s important to take care of business academically and athletically, it is just as important to remember that coaches are recruiting people and families, not just athletes or students.

Here are three traps to avoid in the recruiting process that will allow it to feel less chaotic and put you in better control.